Small bedroom big bed ideas

I want to continue my idea of making lists for different things which can fit in a tiny bedroom. Usually I don’t have too much time to stay and make research but for this idea I needed to help a friend to choose a small bedroom big bed…I know, it sounds weird but in my job we do have these kind of requests and can be difficult to find the best solution for each client.

After a lot of searching and comparing I’ve put down a list of 5 small bedroom big beds which can fit in my bedroom (which is very small) so I guess this can also be very useful for other people in the same situations.
The idea when searching for a small bedroom big bed is to make sure it fits in your bedroom so always take a very close look at the dimensions and if is needed you can even call the provider. Nobody wants to buy something and then lose a lot of time to send the product back a search for another.

Here is this small bedroom big bed platforms list:

Zinus SmartBase bed platform for tiny bedroom
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This Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase plaform for bed is probbably the best available and the reason is the simpleness of how is made. Is recommended for average weight people and can be assembled in just a few minutes. You also have enough space under the platform for storage.This small bedroom big bed platform is available in multiple sizes: Full (this one), Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, California King.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 14 inches; Width: 54 inches; Length: 75 inches

Zinus Faux Leather bed platform with wooden slats
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A small bedroom big bed needs to fit your interior design and this Zinus Faux Leather bed has a nice contemporary style which can fit in any tiny bedroom. The platform has a strong wood slat and is available in diffrent sizes: Full (this one), Queen and King. One thing I love to this small bedroom big bed is the frame which is upholstered with black faux leatherand the 5 years warranty.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 38.8 inches; Width: 58.3 inches; Length: 81.6 inches

made in USA platform pine Bed Frame
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This is a very well built small bedroom big bed platform. It is made in USA, it can hold up to 900lbs and has 7-layer pine wooden slats.This tiny bedroom bed frame is available in different colors and can be but together in less than 5 minutes.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 13.56 inches; Width: 55.75 inches; Length: 76.5 inches

Nomad-2 Platform Bed Frame
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With a totally new design, this Nomad-2 Platform Bed Frame is added to my small bedroom big bed list because it is made in USA, has 5 years of warranty, is available in multiple sizes and you also have additional options which you can order like drawers or small platform legs. From what I saw the platform also comes with very good instructions about how to assemble everything.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 15 inches; Width: 56 inches; Length: 76.5 inches

Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather small bedroom big bed
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This is a Deluxe version for Zinus Faux Leather and is available in Twin, Full, Queen, King sizes.It has a modern aspect and is padded with espresso-colored faux leather while the structure is very stong.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 44.5 inches; Width: 58.5 inches; Length: 82 inches

Small bedroom big bed conclusions

All these bed platforms are very well made with solid wood and they are available in different sizes and colors so is not easy to decide which one to use. From the beginning is better if you take notes of their dimensions, see your bedroom dimensions and then decide which platform fits in your tiny bedroom.
A small bedroom big bed with a nice design it will add a lot of modern style to your bedroom so read more about these products and maybe one of them fits your requirements.

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