Smallest bedroom tv stands

Lately I’ve been looking for the smallest bedroom tv stand to replace the old one in my bedroom and as usual is hard to sort products based on their size when searching online.
After a lot of deep research I’ve been able to find a few which will fit perfectly in any tiny bedroom and also can fit my budget. Because our bedroom is not that big wanted to find something which doesn’t take too much space but I look good in the room and also can sustain an average size TV.
The funny thing is that after I’ve made this research my brother told me that he also wants to replace the tv stand in one of his rooms so I’ve just sent him this list which in the end helped him a lot.
The list contains the smallest bedroom tv stands available and I think it can also help others because I guess I’m not the only one who has a tiny bedroom and wants to add a small tv stand in the room.

Furinno two-tire small tv stand
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The Furinno 13191EX/BK is one of the smallest bedroom tv stands. You can order this in three colors: Espresso, Dark Brown and French Oak Grey. The tv stand is easy to assemble, it is made from engineered particle board and PVC Tubes and it can fit in any tiny room.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 11 inches; Width: 15.8 inches; Length: 23.8 inches

Winsome Wood Zara small tv stand for bedroom
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This small tv stand named Winsome Wood Zara is made from composite wood, it has one door accessories cabinet and the color is Espresso. Is perfect for any small bedroom and is one of my favorites from the smallest bedroom tv stands list because is very simple but it adds some clean style to the room.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 19 inches; Width: 15 inches; Length: 25 inches

Mainstays small bedroom tv stand
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The Mainstays tv stand has an adjustable shelf, easy-roll casters and can resist to up to 70lbs weight. It is made from wood and has a compact style so you can add this to any room around in your house or move it where you need it.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 20.9 inches; Width: 15.5 inches; Length: 23.5 inches

Convenience Concepts small tv stand for flat TVs
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Maybe is not the smallest bedroom tv stand but it perfectly fits to any room and is very good for flat TVs. It has Stainless steel poles with a woodgrain finish. The most important aspect are the 3 tiers which gives you a lot of space to storage things like audio devices, game consoles or anything else.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 22.25 inches; Width: 15.75 inches; Length: 31.5 inches

Convenience Concepts tb stand for flat TVs
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This Convenience Concepts tv stand has a nice design with stainless steel poles and glass doors. It is made from wood and can hold up to 50 pounds.
DIMENSIONS: Height: 26.75 inches; Width: 23.62 inches; Length: 15.75 inches

Smallest bedroom tv stands conclusion

I think these are some of the smallest bedroom tv stands available but I’m sure there are more which I didn’t found in my research. You can easily search for more but I think this list gives you a start. I’m very happy with the small tv stand I’ve bought and it perfectly fits in my bedroom. My wife now wants to also add one to the kids bedroom so I guess I need to start searching again because sometimes kids want something different than adults.

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